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Bavarian Basketball Association was founded in 1949 and is the head organization for all basketball or sports clubs with basketball departments in the Free State of Bavaria.

BBV has nearly 40.000 members with 450 different clubs and has multiple state coaches who are implementing XPS Network all over Bavaria. The association works together with the youth department of big clubs such as FC Bayern Basketball, Bamberg Baskets, Würzburg Baskets or Nürnberg Falcons FC.

XPS offers an incredible number of possibilities in the area of data management and analysis, and at the end of the day it helps us exchange ideas with coaches and players and then make important data-driven decisions.

- Leonard Nestler, Athletic Coach

One of the Bavarian Basketball Association's roles is to monitor the physical preparedness of the athletes in the region. XPS has been an integral tool in making this monitoring process more centralized.

XPS helps me, as a coach of the national association, to store all the data that we collect from different testing batteries effectively and in one place.

- Leonard Nestler, Athletic Coach

All the BBV roles and functions in the basketball development system would be ineffective without a proper communication solution. XPS provides great tools for connecting local associations with clubs, coaching staff and athletes and creates seamless environment for exchanging information, files, documents via private or group messages.

As a national association, we communicate every day with coaches from different clubs and with players of different age groups. XPS is the perfect tool providing communication solution for everyone involved.

- Leonard Nestler, Athletic Coach

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