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XPS has an ongoing partnership with currently the biggest floorball club in the world! The Finnish giant EräViikingit was formed in 2016 from a merger of Tapanilan Erä and SSV. EräViikingit currently consists of around 2000 members.

We really need a system where we can gather everything in one place. XPS has given us exactly that.

- Joonas Naava, Director of Coaching

EräViikingit Floorball Club is committed to training players and coaches and with more than 2000 members they need a system that can help streamline the work.

The club is bringing everything related to team planning, analysis and monitoring into XPS so that players and coaches alike have everything they need in one system, making progress easier for everyone involved. 

EräViikingit uses XPS to ensure that Coach Directors across the club can view training plans across the various teams they lead and get a great overview of how practices are being delivered.

Using XPS the Directors have great oversight and can help coaches to plan more effectively even when they are not on the court with them.

XPS is a very good tool for coaches, because they have the best video tool in the market, they have a very cool tagging system and you can very easily clip the videos and do some special drawings.

– Tomi Rastas, Head Coach

EräViikingit makes great use of the Video Analyzer, tagging clips and sending over to the Presenter where coaches annotate and draw on plays to send out to players for better understanding. 

For the Coaches at EräViikingit it has been easy to get started with XPS and start planning and communicating with athletes right away. The system has many features under the one system, so coaches are still taking the time to learn how to best use all the features that XPS has to offer.

Just like the athletes, the coaches are forever learning! With a full library of instructional and tutorial content, it’s very easy for coaches to upskill themselves and learn how to take advantage of the system for the benefit of their athletes. 

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