XPS is perfect tool for planning and monitoring


HC Erlangen playing in the LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga began working with XPS Network back in 2016. They have been implementing XPS and its features deep into their organisation structure ever since and are now using it in the Bundesliga A-team, U23, U19 and U17 teams!

We use XPS mainly for planning and coordination of our trainings. The software is extremly useful in these areas, because it allows us to easily stay in touch with our players via the XPS phone or desktop app and communicate their training schedules in real time.

- Tom Hankel, assistant coach

The connection between the senior team and the youth academy teams is considered a key for the long term player development structure at HC Erlangen. That is where the XPS Planning and Communication features have been really helpful.

Thanks to XPS we can stay in touch with our junior center and monitor and review each player’s results over a long period of time to positively influence the development of our young players.

- Tom Hankel, assistant coach

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