Basketball Immersion is the World’s largest online basketball education platform and is excited to be able to utilise XPS Network to store and share valuable information that will have a big impact on basketball coaching all over the World. 

I’m really pleased to be using XPS Network with both Basketball Immersion and College Basket. XPS is an all-encompassing platform that integrates all aspects of a program in a seamless and coordinated way.

- Alex Sarama, Head Coach, College Prep Academy

At College Basket, the players and coaches also utilise XPS on a daily basis. The day begins with players filling out their readiness forms to inform the staff on their readiness to train for the day. This information informs the day’s planning and intensity loading on the court.

XPS is an all-in-one solution, so along with the loading management, Coaches are able to share the calendar of practices and games with the players, and work heavily on video analysis using the XPS Analyzer & Presenter.

It’s the perfect match with our content and experience integrated with the top technology for coaches in XPS. No other basketball coaching education platform provides this type of value and we have much in store.

- Chris Oliver, Founder, Basketball Immersion

At College Basket, Coach Alex Sarama and the coaching staff also make use of the XPS Playbook to create what they call a “Video Playbook”. All of the diagrams and animations created in the playbook for the offensive and defensive plays are paired with real-life video examples that bring the diagrams to life for the players. 

We have a massive database of small-sided games that we use here at College Prep which provide great inspiration for our coaches when planning sessions. 

Alex Sarama, Head Coach, College Prep Academy

At College Prep, all practices and games are filmed and uploaded to XPS ready for tagging in the XPS Analyzer. Coaches use their custom-formula to tag clips and then move those over to the Presenter, where they can draw on the plays, voice-over and create custom movies, ready for sharing with the athletes. 

XPS is the superglue that holds together the head coaches, assistants, trainers, S&C coaches and medical staff which allows coaches to provide the best possible feedback to the players. 

- Alex Sarama, Head Coach, College Prep Academy

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