Individual Player Feedback with XPS in women's soccer


XPS is proud to be partnering with one of the most successful women’s soccer programmes in the US to provide an all-in-one solution for player development.

Virginia Women’s Soccer programme is dedicated to success and the development of their athletes. Through the 4 years that student athletes attend the University, coaches work tirelessly to provide the best learning environment for the players. XPS allows them to organise and manage all of that work in one place. 

XPS is simple and effective at helping us get feedback to our players.

- Steve Swanson, Head Coach

The coaching staff at Virginia use the extensive capacity of XPS Collections to store game & training video, as well as drills & exercises formatted into collections according to the team’s philosophy and needs. XPS allows coaches to use all of this content in a straightforward planner via the calendar so that players stay informed.

The players have complete access to what we’re doing each day, how we’re evaluating them, and then things that we think are important for their development.

- Steve Swanson, Head Coach

Coaches at Virginia are constantly using the Monitoring area of XPS to track player ratings and statistics throughout the season. Training ratings are taken on a daily basis, as well as daily readiness and session RPE’s. Add in game statistics and the coaching staff are able to build a clear picture of athlete development for the coaches.  

One of the greatest attributes XPS has is that it can store all of our Soccer data in the one software.

- Eilidh Thomson, Director of Analytics & Operations

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