The value of XPS is priceless for every coach


XPS Network has had a long and successful partnership with PER4ORM Cricket, an app that empowers cricket coaches to provide elite-level coaching for their players.

Watch our latest XPS Stories episode to see what the lovely people at PER4ORM Cricket say about how XPS Network has transformed player and team performance for coaches using their app to train elite cricket players.

Chris Hall, Co-Founder of PER4ORM Cricket and a long-time XPS user, says he'd highly recommend XPS for coaches, purely and simply because you can improve players quicker. The passion for coaching is about making people better, and XPS certainly helps PER4ORM Cricket deliver that.

A Priceless Results-driven Partnership for Coaches, Players, and Teams

Perform Cricket teamed up with XPS Network to create the World’s first Athlete Management System for grassroots cricket players. 

The “PER4ORM” app was launched in (year of launch). The Academy has 12 professional coaches using the system. Thanks to the storage and sharing capacity of XPS. PER4ORM have taken all of their coaches’ knowledge and expertise from various sources and stored it so that it can then be shared with the athletes and parents. With over 360 sessions delivered each month, all planned in XPS using video & diagrams, athletes never miss a beat!

Shannon Young, PER4ORM Cricket Co-founder and a Level 3 Cricket Australia coach loves the simplicity of the app. Easy to use wellness forms allow coaches to monitor athletes’ well-being and prepare training accordingly on a daily basis. Add to that the XPS load-management tracking with great visual graphs, coaches can keep tabs on players’ physical workload easily and ensure the wellbeing of every athlete. 

XPS Network powering our app has allowed me to interact with the players a lot more.

- Chris Hall, Co-Founder & Coach

XPS: Using data to drive performance

With a comprehensive Testing library and a user-friendly athlete-monitoring interface,  XPS allows PER4ORM Cricket coaches to combine physical test data with skill set testing and assessment. Coaches can see how those variables are linked using different charts, graphs & tables that are accessible and visually helpful. 

Coaches get all of the stats they need for every player. Giving feedback to players and parents [in our Academy] is simple.

- Shannon Young, Co-founder & Coach

XPS: Effective planning and easy communication for Coaches

XPS Network has allowed us to build drill & skill libraries for everything we do at PER4ORM. These are the building blocks of our workouts and tailored individual programs. Everything is stored in specific collections and used in the XPS calendar, so players and parents are always kept informed of the upcoming schedule and coaches can keep track of athletes’ progress even when they are not with them.

With coaches operating in various clubs as well as the Academy, XPS provides a perfect solution for keeping track of everyone’s cricket activity in one place. 

All of this makes a massive difference to the outcomes coaches are training players to achieve. Improving performance, speed, power, stamina, and helping them win more matches. The value of XPS is priceless.

- Chris Hall, Co-Founder & Coach

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