The coaching staff at Soccer Chance Academy London have developed a comprehensive coaching system using XPS Network, utilising several different features of the system and providing high level feedback to their players.

XPS for us has really revolutionised the way we work at the academy. It’s really helped us to become streamlined and more professional.

Ben Hanley, Academy Director

Firstly, through the XPS Calendar, not only can athletes see the schedule, but within each session contains valuable information to help them prepare for training sessions. Training themes, drills and individual roles are all included in SCA session plans that provide an opportunity for players to begin learning before they’ve set foot on the field. 

SCA Coaches work across a broad range of topics in their coaching and the XPS Calendar allows coaches to plan ahead the themes that will be covered over the season. Periodically SCA will chart session content to show athletes how much time has been spent on different parts of the game and to show that they are receiving coaching in all areas of the game. 

The Playbook & Collections areas are important for SCA coaches to create the building blocks for those teaching topics and themes throughout the season. XPS allows coaches to share ideas and store these as coaching resources that can then be used for planning those sessions each week.

Ultimately the players have benefited massively from us having XPS as we wouldn’t know how we work without it.

- Ben Hanley, Academy Director

Statistics play a big role in Academy football and the Match Reporting feature provides SCA coaches with the possibility of keeping detailed stats relating to game performance, as well as physical loading. This important tool ensures that coaches do not put too much pressure on players and overload them on any given week. 

Not only do players at SCA receive statistics on their performance, but video clips tagged in XPS relating to those very statistics are easily shared with each player. Not only can players see the numbers, but they also get the video evidence to go with it. All within the XPS system. 

The video analyzer allows us to give feedback to individual players and give them a clearer picture of their performance.

- Ben Hanley, Academy Director

Through wellness and loading forms, coaches at SCA can get an insight into the physical and mental readiness of their athletes to train on any given day. This information can be utilised to spark discussion between coaches, athletes and parents if there is any cause for concern. Catching these things early can help to ensure that players stay fit, healthy and happy at the academy. 

Editing video from training sessions and matches provides SCA coaches with a great way to give individual and collective feedback to the team. The XPS Presenter allows coaches to highlight specific situations on the pitch, through the use of diagrams and text to provide much clearer feedback to the players.

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