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Malmö Redhawks is a big Ice Hockey programme in Sweden, running across junior and senior levels, all the way up to the SHL. With so many different athletes, coaches, parents and staff in the club working at various levels, effective and reliable communication is a huge challenge. 

Effective and reliable communication - this is where XPS is huge for us!

- Freddie Sjögren, Performance Director

XPS allows Freddie and all Redhawks staff to manage daily training loads and wellness information, as well as testing results and individual programming across the whole club.

Both in the A-Team and Redhawks Academy we start our daily routine with the Daily Readiness form. We can then quickly see an overview of the results thanks to XPS.

- Freddie Sjögren, Performance Director

All planning for on and off-ice training is done through XPS’s interactive calendar. Team sessions and individualised programming, whether it’s strength training, prehab or endurance, are collated and shared together in one easy-to-view interface.

At Malmö athletes can view their team and individual plans 6 months ahead of time. With the app being so easy for athletes to access, they can get a snapshot of their individual programming for the day, week & month ahead. 

Our Training plans are individualised for each athlete. Right now we are in June, and our athletes can view their plans all the way up to Christmas.

- Freddie Sjögren, Performance Director

At Malmö, storage of information and media is important so that coaches can easily share information with athletes to inform and instruct. XPS Collections allows coaches to store ‘documents’ ranging from nutrition information to coaching clips for injury rehab, which are then categorised into folders for easy access.

Add to this the XPS Playbook, where Malmö coaches diagram tactical and skill-specific activities which they insert into documents and drills in XPS Collections. Once again, with everything in one place, XPS allows these created items to be shared and viewed by athletes, coaches and parents in the club, maximising training and learning time.

When I have a healthy scratched player and the team is on the road, I want them to practise the skills that will help them when they return to the line-up.

- Freddie Sjögren, Performance Director

Through XPS Coaches can easily send one, or a series of video drills so the player can watch them and perform them in his practice. Communication impossible to misunderstand!

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