Strength & Conditioning with XPS in Volleyball


BERLIN RECYCLING Volleys are a current German Champions, winning the Bundesliga 12 times since 1992. The original club called SCC Volleyball team was founded in 1991 through the merger of the volleyball departments of SC Charlottenburg, VdS Berlin and SC Berlin.

Customisable XPS Reports feature and extensive workout library in XPS Collections make the software an ideal choice for S&C coaches. Timo Kirchenberger is working with XPS on a daily basis as the responsible for strength and conditioning training at BR Volleys.

I use XPS mainly to control the training plans as well as the sleep quality, physical and mental condition of the athletes and their overall readiness.

- Timo Kirchenberger, S&C Coach

Recently I started working with players from abroad and it's been very easy to explain how the XPS Desktop and Phone App work.

- Timo Kirchenberger, S&C Coach

At BR Volleys, XPS is used mainly to control the strength and conditioning part of the training and therefore the ability to stay in touch with players outside of the regular training hours is very important. XPS provides seamless solutions for remote communication and sharing individual training plans.

We currently have a few injured players as well as players who want to train extra on their own. Thanks to XPS I can send them individual training plans that they view and complete via the XPS Phone App.

- Timo Kirchenberger, S&C Coach

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