Strength & Conditioning with XPS in Basketball


Leicester Riders are one of the most successful basketball clubs in the UK and have a range of levels within the club, from youth age group teams to University, to BBL Championship Men’s team. With so many different players, coaches, and teams, XPS is a great tool for bringing everyone together and keeping information organised.

Administrators can decide different levels of access within the system for players and coaches, based on age or playing level, which means that everyone can work within one system in their own way. 

XPS takes everything we do with our athletes and puts it into one place.

Jordan Godfrey, Head S&C Coach

From pre-season programming, to testing, to load monitoring and communicating with athletes in different teams and different locations, XPS makes the lives of the coaches at Leicester Riders much easier by centralising all of this data in one platform.

From the athlete’s perspective, the XPS app is where they access their individual programming. In the weight room everything is mapped out for them so that they can focus on the work that they need to do.

With so many athletes it’s important to give the players as much information as possible so that they can be autonomous and XPS gives them the freedom to train effectively. Not only can athletes see the plan, but they can easily fill out reps, weights and sets directly on the app, giving coaches instant feedback on their progress. 

For the Riders staff, it’s not just about what players do in the weight room, but their fitness levels and general readiness to train each day. XPS allows players to input RPE scores immediately after every session and daily readiness forms are filled out every morning in just a few seconds. 

I don’t have to do any analysis, because XPS is doing it for me.

- Jordan Godfrey, Head S&C Coach

With such a big club, it’s hard to stay on top of all the data that coaches need in order to plan effectively and help players stay injury free. With XPS’s all-in-one system, coaches can get time back to take care of the important work on the floor with the athletes and also have data at their fingertips that can help them to be better coaches every single day. 

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