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At the start of 2022, Sideline Sports have announced its first ever esports partnership with the Czech based professional esports team ENTROPIQ.

XPS Network helps Entropiq in four key areas: Calendar & Scheduling, Collections for storage and sharing, Statistics, and Monitoring. 

Entropiq takes the XPS Calendar to another level, with the aim of helping its athletes create consistency in their daily routines. They schedule athletes’ wake-up times, morning training, free time and evening training time to ensure that all training days are identical. This provides structure for the athletes and helps them get the most out of their training. 

With XPS we can build training collection aimed at individual skills, training programs for macro, mezzo and micro cycle or player questionnaires about their current state of mind for mental coaches.

- Richard Jarošík, Performance Director

Statistics are key in E-Sports, and Entropiq takes full advantage of the Monitoring area in XPS Network. Graphs, charts and tables are presented in an easy-to-view manner that show many different statistics relating to individual performance. XPS also has a range of API’s that allow seamless integration so that in-game statistics may be monitored closely. 

XPS can also be connected to various APIs with indefinite options, and the chosen data synchronises automatically with XPS. Afterwards you can set the individual processes for anyone to observe.

- Richard Jarošík, Performance Director

XPS Collections offers Entropiq the ability to store video footage of game play, broken down into clips so that players can access educational material for improving game play. It’s safe to say that XPS has a great deal to offer in helping E-Sports Athletes become the best they can be!

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